Fabio Hofnik - Director

Brazilian living in Winnipeg since 2019, with a background in television production, Fabio started to create content for interactive digital platforms in 2009.

In 2015, started to research immersive medium and tech, and decided to bring the public to join in his research.

In 2016 his team started a pioneer event where attendees had first contact with the immersive digital productions especially curated for the event, learning from the artists invited to the event on workshops and round-tables. 

The festival is still the only event dedicated to VR/AR/interactive digital arts there, with support of the local government, partnership with software companies that are part of the ecosystem and 5000+ attendees in 4 years.

In 2019 Fabio moved to Canada, he’s working at the Winnipeg studio Bit Space as a business developer, and in 2021 partnered up with Joshua to jointly produce Hyper Conference.

Joshua Banman - Executive Producer


Joshua Banman is an Actor and Artist from Winnipeg. He currently works with Theatre Projects Manitoba as a Producer. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Manitoba where he was a member of The Black Hole Theatre. 

As an artist, Joshua describes himself as an experimental storyteller - using story to test hypotheses, to pursue truth and to seek understanding.

Joshua uses a number of media to play with story, spanning live performance, film, song, augmented-reality, and animation. Joshua’s current artistic research is focused on the determinative nature of storytelling, exploring the power of the stories we tell ourselves and how the technologies we use to share stories may amplify their outcomes.

Diana Olynick - Partnerships

Diana Olynick is an Engineer + XR Designer that loves to explore the intersection between tech, business and art. Through my work I endeavour to share my knowledge and expertise with others so we can also reshare the lessons learned in business and life, growing together, building the only future we could have, from our present.

She also runs the XR Magazine Podcast.